35 Years of Engineering Experience

One of the motivating factors in Wesley Gilbert’s career is the variety of projects he has encountered. Moving from site to site, utilizing a range of engineering and surveying skills, he’s compiled a staggering list of sites and areas throughout Chico that he’s helped engineer.

List of Past Projects

Here’s a comprehensive list of work and projects that Wesley has been a part of.

Engineering and Design – including Roadways, bike and pedestrian pathways, and surveying services:

⦁ Eaton Road Extension – City of Chico, CA
⦁ East Avenue/Cactus Avenue Traffic Signal – City of Chico, CA
⦁ Sycamore Creek Bike/Pedestrian Path – City of Chico, CA
⦁ Annie’s Glen Bike/Pedestrian Path, Undercrossing and Bridge – City of Chico, CA
⦁ North Esplanade Widening and Overlay – City of Chico, CA
⦁ Enloe Medical Center Storm Drain and Street Improvements – City of Chico, CA
⦁ Forest Avenue Traffic Signal at Butte College – City of Chico, CA
⦁ Steve Harrison Memorial (Potter Road) Bike/Pedestrian Path – City of Chico, CA
⦁ Two (2) Little Chico Creek Bike/Pedestrian Paths and Bridges – City of Chico, CA

Engineering and Design – including storm drain and sewer and some surveying services:

⦁ Nitrate Compliance (Sewer) Phase 3 – City of Chico, CA
⦁ Marigold Avenue Storm Drain – City of Chico, CA
⦁ Fair Street Detention Basin Bypass – City of Chico, CA
⦁ Lassen Avenue Sanitary Sewer Lift Station – City of Chico, CA
⦁ Northwest Chico Specific Plan Sanitary Sewer Lift Station – Discovery Builders, Chico, CA
⦁ Northwest Chico Specific Plan Detention Basin – NWCSP Developers Group, Chico, CA
⦁ North Willows Detention Basin – North Willows County Service Area, Willows, CA
⦁ Brentwood Subdivision Detention Basin — Ritchie Construction, Chico, CA

Land Surveying and Mapping

⦁ ALTA/ACSM Survey – Channel Lumber, Chico, CA
⦁ ALTA/ACSM Survey – American Land Title, Chico Municipal Airport,
⦁ Chico, CA
⦁ ALTA/ACSM Survey – Chico Ventures, LLC, Chico, CA
⦁ ALTA/ASCM Survey – CalAg, LLC, Willows, CA
⦁ Topographic Survey and Mapping, Edgewater Elementary — Marysville Unified School District, Marysville, CA

Private Development – includes engineering design, mapping and surveying services:

⦁ Willoughby Glen Subdivision, Chico, CA
⦁ McKinney Ranch Subdivision, Chico, CA
⦁ Richmond Park Subdivision, Chico, CA
⦁ Villas at Butte Creek Subdivision, Chico, CA
⦁ Wildwood Estates Subdivision, Chico, CA
⦁ Pleasant Valley Courtyard Condominium Subdivision and Site Plan, Chico, CA
⦁ Ivy Street Condominium Subdivision, Chico, CA
⦁ Forest Avenue Business Park Site Plans and Mapping, Chico, CA
⦁ Sportsman’s Warehouse Site Plan, Chico, CA
⦁ Creekside Townhomes Community, Chico, CA
⦁ Eaton Village Apartments and Condominium Subdivision, Chico, CA
⦁ Creekside Landing Subdivision, Chico, CA
⦁ Mariposa Vista Subdivision, Chico, CA
⦁ Martha’s Vineyard Subdivision, Chico, CA
⦁ Montecito Subdivision, Chico, CA
⦁ Oak Valley Subdivision, Chico, CA
⦁ Watt Towne Center, Sacramento, CA
⦁ St. Paul Subdivision, Corning, CA
⦁ T.K. Ranch Subdivision, Corning, CA
⦁ Villa La Michele Subdivision, Orland, CA
⦁ Orland Business Park, Orland, CA
⦁ South Main Street Commercial Center, Red Bluff, CA